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Char-Broil 475 4-Burner Cabinet Liquid Porpane Gas Grill- Stainless (My Review)

Are you a BBQ lover? Are you searching for the right grill? let me help you find the perfect grill for your needs!

gas grill 4 burnerA top preformer!

The Char-Broil 475 4-burner gas grill has a  stainless steel lid, handle and control panel that add style and durability to keep it working after spending a cold winter outdoors.

The Char-Broil 475 4 burner is easy to use and fast to start!

With its electronic ignition and reliable startup you will start cooking in no time and enjoy your BBQ as mush as possible.

Size Does Matter!

We are talking about 475 squer inches of primary cooking on porcelain cast iron grates plus 175 squer inches or secondary cooking on porcelain coated swing away rack, with 36000 BTU on primary cooking and 10000 BTU on the side burner for your meet to cook perfectly.

Dont Worry About Cleaning It Up!

A great add to this char broil gass grill is that it have a removable grease pan for a quick and simple cleaning so you wont need to work as hard cleaning it.

Need Some Work Space Next To The Grill?

We got you! with a large metal side shelves offer added prep and work space to your comfort gas grill on saleand on top of that the cabinet has two doors for easy access to storage area.


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